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my thoughts on "seconds"

updated mon 1 mar 04


S.E.W. on sat 28 feb 04

I wanted to say one thing about utilizing the flawed pieces that we all =
have. Whether it's selling them or breaking them, I was a little =
insulted by the responses I received. I don't think anyone has the right =
to judge how I feel about my work nor assume my work isn't "up to par" =
just because I feel a certain way about my "seconds". I also don't think =
it is fair to put me down because I might possibly sell my seconds for =
a lower price. I don't know about everyone else, but I do have a need to =
acquire funds to keep my business going and until I am a "DaVinci", then =
I don't have a problem with someone buying a second. As a matter of =
fact, it is quite flattering to have someone buy a second because they =
love my work but cannot afford the other pieces. To me, this is a =
complement and I would be glad to know someone owns a piece that I =
created and didn't go to someone else to buy a "perfect" piece for the =
same price.=20

William Sheppard on sun 29 feb 04

Ceramic pieces that are considered "seconds" by some, are definatelly
coveted by others.

Our studio paid a lot of its monthly bills by selling "seconds" that
we did not feel we should send to our wholesale accounts. For many years
our local customers would bring their out-of-town guests out to the Gospel
Island studio and keep our "seconds table" cleaned out. People love to get
a bargain.

The ironic thing is that for a while after the Pat Young Ceramic Arts
studio opened for business in 1954, all of the "unfit" pieces were thrown
in a hole dug out behind the kiln building. The hole later became a
drainage sump for the outside sink. I have many times over the years been
tempted to go did it up as a treasure hunt. But the property now belongs
to someone else.

I now keep any spoiled pieces as a reminder that all of my efforts can
still create some less that desirable art. Seeing these creations on
occasion is good for my ego.

William Sheppard
Owner/Artist of Pat Young Ceramic Arts
St. Petersburg, Florida
Our studio is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2004