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updated sun 29 feb 04


Joyce Lee on sat 28 feb 04

Indianapolis is getting closer and closer
rapider and rapider......

An unofficial use of the Clayart Room involves
claybuds bringing pictures of their work,
studios, kilns etc to show to other claybuds. Think
ahead, please. Some of my most precious
moments in the Clayart Room have been=20
spent looking at pictures and having the potter
right there next to me to explain what's
happening. Each time I've attended NCECA,
I've been impressed over&over again by the
quality of buds' pots ... and by the originality
apparent in their pictures........=20

Some buds have even brought tiny, unusual
clay objects that
they've created ...... carefully wrapped in cotton
or some similar material. I would never have
known the potter next to me had the capability
of producing such magic without their
thoughtfulness in sharing. There have been
times when I've teared up thinking that the World
Should Know about this potter's work ..... yet
grateful that I was privileged to have such an
experience. =20

Primal didn't bring her salter/goddess to NCECA
but I received one from her in the mail ...... a teeny=20
very special goddess that I dearly love. Sure, I
connected because it was Kelly's...... but I also
connected with the goddess, herself.

In the Mojave with arthritis on the upward swing
of improvement ...... but I'll still probably have
to bring my cane. Drat. Really torques me.......
ungrateful whelp that I am........