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new glaze ingedients and clay toxic?

updated tue 2 mar 04


Marilu on sat 28 feb 04

Hi I am new to glazing and am using mastering cone 6
glazes to learn. I was just going to order some
materials and have some quetions. What is air
floated EPK and what effect does it have on glazes?
Should I be buying that ype for the glazes in the
book?-it is more expensive. Does it matter whether
I buy flint or quartz silica and what if any difference
does it make in the glaze? It doesn't seem to specify
which silica in the book. Also does mesh size matter?
I am supposed to ask for an analysis and MSDS sheet
on each chemical right?-I asked at one local place
and the guy looked at me strangely and asked why.
I told him I was new and hadn't been ceremoniously
bestowed with my magical chemical intuitive powers yet :)
Then I got involved looking at other things
and forgot to ask again! Also does anyone have
ideas on the lest toxic clay to use long term?
I am more chemically sensitive then most people
and am trying to be careful not to absorb chemicals
through my skin. I know about maganese. But what about
things like aluminum and alumina and other clay ingredients?
I wet clean all the time, vent, have a vacuum vented
to outside also. So dust I have pretty well covered
I am mostly concerned about chemicals through skin
contact. Somewhere I read someone threw with metal
tipped gloves but I think that was for a special technique
I can't think of any gloves that would work for regular throwing
oor I'm sure something would have been in the archives. Anyway thanks
for any information. You guys are great :) -Marilu

Ababi Sharon on mon 1 mar 04

Hello Marilu
You have a book for the advanced glazers (Though it is not looked like)
and you try to have all at once.
Because you have it let's try it this way.
Choose one glaze and test it.
Do not drive creasy your supplier: You need him like he needs you .BDW I
think we have the same supplier!
You don't ask for data when you buy coca cola or eat Chitos - the last
one worries me more!
It will be a good habit not to use poisonous materials, at least at the
level of your knowledge. By the way the chrome oxide is a very dangerous
material it appears in this book.
I send you to an article I wrote ones to clayart. Copy it to "word" to
be able to use the links. Read learn and go back to this excellent book.
You can try it with "Gloss liner"
Keep glazing

Ababi Sharon
Glaze wizard
Kibbutz Shoval Israel
A fast link Ceramics forum in Hebrew:

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Hi I am new to glazing and am using mastering cone 6
glazes to learn
for any information. You guys are great :) -Marilu