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pottery classes online!

updated sun 29 feb 04


Yakimono Toki Studio on sat 28 feb 04

Yakimono Toki Studio offers online pottery classes in novice and advanced

In-depth study in techniques in all areas of pottery.

Classes include online reading material, lectures, class assignments,
quizzes, final tests and portfolio presentations.

Arranged to meet your schedule all classes are moderately priced.

Students receive a class critique and grades along with a Certificate of
Completion ready to frame.

Instructor: Sensei Yakimono, potter 25 years

Topics Include:

Clay Bodies
Preparing Clay Bodies For Use
Digging Your Own Clay

Cone Function and Types

Bisque Firing
Glaze Firing
Raku Firing
Types of Glazes
Glaze Application
Glaze Elements and Ingredients
Glaze Formulation and Recipes (Part One and Two)

Drying Pottery, The Greenware Stage

Handbuilding Techniques
Using Tools in Handbuilding

History of Pottery from the Beginning
History of Japanese Potters & Techniques (Part 1 & 2)
History of African Potters & Techniques (Part 1 & 2)
History of American Indian Potters & Techniques (Part 1 & 2)
Japanese Potters and Those Who Influenced The Art
Japanese Tea Gardens
Japanese Potters Styles in Depth
Japanese Pottery Terminology
Japanese Tea Ceremony \"Cha No Yu\"

Electric Kilns
Gas Kilns
Wood Kilns
Raku Kilns

Designing Your Own Studio
Displaying Your Pottery In Galleries
Selling Your Pottery
Developing Your Style, Technique and Name
Recordkeeping in Pottery

The Art of Nerikomi, Japanese Marbling

Wheel Types and Information on Purchases
Throwing on the Wheel, The Beginning
Throwing Bowls
Throwing Vases
Throwing Plates
Throwing Lids
Lip Designs
Pulling a Handle
Trimming Thrown Pottery

Enrollment in classes may be made individually or as a package.

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