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fw: seconds/uglypotspot

updated mon 1 mar 04


Penelope on sun 29 feb 04

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From: "Penelope"
To: "Joyce Lee"
Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 9:44 PM
Subject: Re: seconds/UglyPotSpot

> My ugly pot spot is under the apple tree in the back yard. We planted it
> our daughter when she turned one. It is always a difficult spot to plant
> flowers and seems to grow more weeds then anything else. So last summer I
> dumped a pail full of pot shards I had smashed up around the tree as a
> of mulch - to keep the weeds down. Since then I have added to it but have
> not smashed the pots first. If they break as they hit the ground so be
it -
> otherwise they just sit there, colourful mulch.
> I also have shards in my window box outside my pioneer studio at the local
> pioneer village. I sometimes think it gets more attention then me inside
> throwing on a kick wheel!
> Penni Stoddart
> * sitting thinking "one day, one day I will go to NCECA too"
> I am so jealous of you all but can't wait to hear the reports!! Have a
> time.