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re. thoughts on seconds

updated mon 1 mar 04


lela martens on sun 29 feb 04

This is an issue that comes up every year with our guild. I am of mixed
feelings. I think comes down to what a potter thinks of himself.
The retired ceramic proffesor (forced because they shut down the
program).joined so he could use the gas kiln. His son was getting married
and the new bride wanted her future father-in-law to make her a set of
dishes..something like 100. He taught me so much as we worked down there, a
very fortunate time for me. Music ,grace in his throwing.So the day comes
for him to unload. Gorgeous stuff! Then we hear crashing and run down to see
what is going on.There was Larry, unloading, checking,some went in the box,
some`that`s no good` smash, into the brick wall. All he said was to remember
to make more than ordered.Could have cried, but always remembered.
Best Wishes from Lela

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Cindi Anderson on sun 29 feb 04

Other than defects (sharp craters for example) the problem I have dealing
with seconds is that everyone's tastes are so different. Some people pass
right over the pots that I think are gorgeous, and run to the one I almost
threw out because I think it is so ugly. Even when I point out why I think
it is ugly, they will say something like "Nobody would notice that but you"
or even "That's what I LOVE about it!" So my feeling at this point is that
I absolute cannot predict what people will like, and it is not my place to
say what is appealing and what isn't.

But I can see why artists would feel differently. Even if a person loves a
piece, if 100 other people are going to see it in their home and think it is
ugly, it may hurt my reputation.

I see both sides, and the issue is a tough one for me.

Fremont, CA