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ot need information on elementary schools

updated tue 2 mar 04


Dave Pike on mon 1 mar 04

Hello Everyone,
First a little background. I live in a small village north of Nara, Japan.
There are 3 elementary schools here, and at one of them there is a tradition
of drumming, as in taiko, or big drums. Not as big(the drums) as the group
from Sado Island, which periodically tours outside of Japan, but still
impressive. The tradition goes back at least 100 years, and my guess is much
longer. The village is at least 800 years old. The first time I saw the
kids, 1st-6th grade, practice, I immediately thought it would be great to
find a way to let them perform outside of Japan. I am in the process of
putting together a video of the practices and performances in the village.
Also I talked to the woman who leads the practices. They seems to be
interested if there was an invitation to perform. Of course all transport,
lodging etc. would be covered by the school here. In other words, it
wouldn't cost the host school anything.
I am searching for elementary school teachers, or administrators, who would
be interested in inviting them to do a presentation of their drumming. If
anyone could steer me towards internet based resources I would greatly
appreciate it. Please reply to me off list at .
Thank you,