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digital photos at nceca?

updated thu 4 mar 04


syrylyn on tue 2 mar 04

previous quote........
Which leads me to a question, request, whatever. Last year after NCECA I
> found one referal to some pictures taken at NCECA. They were wonderful.
Does just one person put up their pictures, or are there more around?

I want to take pictures at NCECA with my digital camera. What is the
protocol? At exhibits? At presentations? In the clayart room?
I would like to put them on a special page on my website for about a month.
Then anyone could grab the ones they might want.
Is this acceptable? Should I ask everywhere?

Sandy Meadors
"Magic Happens"

Vince Pitelka on wed 3 mar 04

Sandy -
It is always okay to shoot photographs in the Clayart room. It is okay in
most presentations, but don't commit the faux pas of trying to photograph a
projected slide image. The flash overpowers the projector beam, and you
just get a white screen and a lot of irritated people.

Rules are different in every exhibition. Some allow photographs with no
flash, some allow flash, many do not allow photographs at all. If they have
a glossy color catalog for sale, you can bet that they will not allow
photographs. In exhibitions it is always best to ask.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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