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giving vs. selling (was haunted by seconds)

updated wed 3 mar 04


Gene and Dolita Dohrman on tue 2 mar 04

In thinking about the way I feel about seconds (believe me, mine could =
very well be considered 3rds or 4ths compared to what some of you may =
view as seconds), it led me to think about how I feel about selling a =
piece as opposed to giving one as a gift. I have a far easier time =
selling a piece than actually giving one away, unless, of course, the =
individual has freely selected it. It is not for the reasons you may =
think. When something is put on a table for sale, the buyer has the =
opportunity to pick it up, roll it over, examine it closely, and decide =
for themselves it they want it. When I give someone a piece as a gift, =
I absolutely obsess over it. The recipient has no choice but to =
graciously receive the gift, even if they hate it! I imagine this is =
just an indicator of my lack of confidence as a potter at this stage =
but, until I have a whole lot of great pots made, the better ones always =
are given as gifts. However, if I am ever going to make any money, this =
is really going to have to change!
Louisville, KY