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microcrystals in glazes

updated thu 4 mar 04


Paul on tue 2 mar 04


Are there any on-line resources on the topic of microcrystals in glazes? I
have learned a lot about the affects that slow or fast cooling has on the
development of them and how they affect glazes, but I don't have many
resources for understanding the process on the chemical level, like how to
increase/decrease them through adjusting the formula. Can't buy any books
right now so I am hoping to find something on line. Any info?



Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 3 mar 04

Dear Paul,
I doubt that there is any information about the micro crystals glaze
Chemistry though you will no doubt find a lot on Crystal Glazes. If
you find anything useful, I'm certain many people would be interested
in your discoveries.
However, you may wish to look in the AcerS web site. I think it or something similar.
One pathway glaze behaviour is to study the relevant Phase
Transformation Diagrams. AcerS have the books which give instruction
in this task as well volumes of diagrams and wall charts which would
be of interest. These can be had on CD, but that resource would most
likely be found in a university or major manufacturer.
Another other way to go is to use Ian Currie's empirical system that
allows you to develop graded sets of recipes as you to manipulate
ingredients to encourage the artefacts you seek to create.Again, you
will find this on line and there are references in Clayart Archives
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia