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jared branfman fund silent, live auction at nceca

updated thu 4 mar 04


Lee Burningham (Box Elder High School) on wed 3 mar 04


Steve and Jared Branfman have been in the hearts and mind of many of the
clayart family over the past months. Now it is crunch time. Steve,
Ellen, and Jared need us emotionally, supporting them in whatever means

The national k12 ceramics foundation is sponsoring an auction of student
and teacher pieces donated to providing additional funds for the
Branfmans. Steve is presently a serving member of the national k12
ceramics foundation board. This is a chance for all of us to give Steve,
Jared, and Ellen a tangible and very needed show of support.

We will have pottery for the auction, or just for sale, on display at or
near the national k12 show in Indianapolis. Bring something you would
like to add to the pot, bring an open checkbook, most of all, bring an
open heart.

Contact Lee Burningham for more details. There aren't many details, and
there won't be many more but you are all welcome to lend a hand.

Lee Burningham