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jared/mug auction

updated thu 4 mar 04


Joyce Lee on wed 3 mar 04

Bruce said:
Do we have any auctioneers among us?
Perhaps, if there would happen to be a particularly desirable "cup" it =
be auctioned.
There are several buds with the voices to be
an auctioneer... maybe even the experience.
Let's hear from them. This could possibly
be in addition to Jared's own mug being
auctioned. Although what I'm hearing is that
buds don't want to give up their own Mug
Exchange as long as an alternative will
do the same job.... bring in some proceeds
for the Branfman family. =20

In other words, have Ilene's auction...... AND work
out the details of Another auction ....... I
trust that this can happen...... that this
discussion is simply a beginning ...... I can
feel my creative energy flowing ..... how about

In the Mojave Desert of California U.S.A.