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jared updtae 3-3-04

updated fri 5 mar 04


Charles Moore on thu 4 mar 04

Clayart friends,

Here is the latest news on Jared's condition from Steven. I decided to send
it intact. Please note his last paragraph which thanks our Clayart friends.

Charles Moore

Steve's email:

> Charles,
> Sorry for not writing. Our time is so completely full of taking care of
> Jared's needs. This has been a good week. Treatments are going fine though
they are
> taking a serious toll on Jared's neurological condition. His mobility has
> regressed and while he was ready to give up the cane and walk unaided
before this
> all happened, he has now had to go back to using two forearm crutches and
> even with the crutches his stability and balance are still not really
good. We
> have to walk next to him and carefully spot him and he has alot of trouble
> simply getting to a standing position from sitting. However, this is minor
if all
> of it leads to a cure. On the positive side his headaches are under
control as
> are his bowels. He hasn't vomited in over a week and the pain medication
> been cut way back. The most serious side effect so far is his extreme
> and weakness in his legs and especially his knees. Jared got back to PT
> morning and spent the session in the water. That was really great. He had
> ture today before his chemo and radiation.
> I will write again over the weekend with more details of his condition.
> Please continue to keep people updated and most importantly let people
> how appreciative and moved we are by the caring and concern that is being
> showed towards Jared. Alisa's note to CLAYART made me cry as I too
remembered our
> visit there and that entire trip. The fund is just an unbelieveable thing
and I
> don't know how I will ever be able to express our thanks. I will try
> And to you Charles..............we love you.
> Steven