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nceca 2004 atendance / nottingham arts

updated fri 5 mar 04


terry sullivan on thu 4 mar 04

To all my clayart friends; I will not be attending the conference this
year. We have some large electrical projects to upgrade the resident
artist studios that will require shutting down the studios for a week
to put in the new 400 amp electrical service and meters. As it turns
out; the big glass conference in Las Vegas is the same week as NCECA so
all our glass folks will be out of town. Perfect time to shut down the
studio to upgrade the electrical stuff.

I'll miss seeing all my clay buds but duty calls.

I will see some of you at the CCACA conference in Davis , CA in late
April, and the rest in 2005 NCECA.

The Nottingham Center for the Arts continues to evolve and change. We
have a complete glass facility with stained glass, fuesed glass, fritted
glass, flame work glass, and a fully functioning hot glass blowing
glass shop. The woodworking shop is going well and has all the
machine tools and hand tools to make fine woodworking projects.

Have fun at NCECA my friends. I'll be thinking of you folks like Jean
Leaman, Carla, Vince, Russel, and so many others.

Yours, Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA