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subject: tool to clean up kiln wash from pottery

updated mon 8 mar 04


Judith Frederick on sat 6 mar 04

>>>>Is a Dremel tool the best tool to use to clean up a glazed pottery
>>>> piece that has pieces of kiln wash stuck to it from the stilts? I've used one
>>>> but it wears out the composite on the piece really fast.

I use the dremel also but I have found that the best bit to use is the diamond wheel, that I purchased at Home Depot. Rather expensive for a bit, I thought, as I paid about $15.00. Looking back on it now over a year ago, it was worth every penny. I am still using the same one. You can also get them from jewerly suppliers if you have a connection. It also will cut right thru glaze to pop of drips if need be, with a little more effort required, than for the kiln wash. I also use it to clean up the bottom of the pot, where there may be grog remaining that I missed during trimming. Also can be used in small places and interior spaces where the grinding wheel will not reach.
Judy Frederick in Baltimore MD

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Lee Love on sun 7 mar 04

If you are just cleaning kilnwash off the foot, a whet stone works
nicely. I break a long one in two and it fits nicely in the hand.

After a some use, you get nice corners on the stone that fit the
outside and inside of the foot ring nicely. Lasts much longer than a