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:wood fired kiln questions : ruth caswell

updated mon 8 mar 04


Lee Love on mon 8 mar 04

> Hank Murrow on fri 20 feb 04 (hmurrow@EFN.ORG
> )
> The answer to your question is yes, you can bisque in a wood fire kiln.
> I suggest that you look up references to both the Wright fast fire wood
> kiln and the Olsen fast fire wood kiln (sometimes known as the fast
> freddy). I know potters who fire in these with good results. They are
> eschewed by those looking for flashing,

Haven't been getting ClayArt in my Inbox , so have been browsing
the archives.

Just want to say here, that a quick firing kiln can indeed have
lots of flashing. You can see here (unglazed, flash and flyash, fired
in 14 hours):

You can see the plans to the Euan Craig Fast Fire Kiln here (go
to the middle of the page):

I think the kind of wood you use effects flashing.

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