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a studio to share

updated fri 12 mar 04


M Ch on sun 7 mar 04

just some advise if anybody knows about a studio to share, or a studio
assistant needed , or an opoortunity for an internship.

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M Ch on thu 11 mar 04

Yes i might need to make some specifications about wanting a studio to
I will be in the USA for a while and would like to find a possibility for
some kind of arrangement for two or three months for studio space.
Could be in a communal studio space, or a studio potter that would
want to have some assistance, or helping a pottery or any other arrangement
we could come up with. Im a potter myself and im also looking for
the possibility to have a space to make some personal work.
I dont have a preference of any specific State.
but would love if there is a possibility for sharing a studio space.
Thanks for your assistance and HOPE to hear good news

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