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iron crystalline glaze

updated mon 8 mar 04


Brad Carter on sun 7 mar 04

Does anyone have information on a glaze called Iron Crystalline? I have a
plate with this glaze on it, and a few "clues" about the origin of this glaze.
The glaze is a reduction glaze--cone 10 or so. It is a brick red glaze
with dark brown spots that emerge randomly during reduction. The potter who
sold me the plate told me the glaze was called Iron Crystalline glaze. He
said it is a 2000 year old glaze from China that was "translated into modern
chemicals by a man who was a chemist as well as a ceramics artist. Finally, he
mentioned the glaze formula had been published in Ceramics Monthly magazine
decades ago.

Using these clues I went to Ceramics Monthly's web site and used there
on-line index to search for more clues. The name Richard Behrens emerged pretty
quickly as the probable source of this glaze. He was a chemist who became a
noted ceramic glazes authority. A memorial tribute to him was published in CM
March 2001. I've been trying to get some of his old articles, but am having

Is anyone out there familiar with this glaze?

Brad Carter
Grass Valley, CA