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nceca posters for the classroom- is that bad?

updated sat 13 mar 04


Marta Matray Gloviczki on fri 12 mar 04

, Jennifer Boyer wrote:
>I'll bring my smaller Varitone(black to white) backdrop since I have a
>duffle that it's shipping tube will fit in. I wanted to have a second
>bag for NCECA purchases, and the shipping tube will come in handy
>for..drum roll........LOTS OF POSTERS!

hi jennifer,
you reminded me of the posters!
in the last 5 years since i go for nceca
i always bring home posters, two of each,
so i can give lots and lots of posters to the
college's ceramics studio.
i know how much the students liked them
for years, the posters were on the walls in the throwing room,
the handbuilding room, the glaze room....everywhere.
last time i went to visit i was surprised that all the
posters were gone. it was really strange to see the
gray, cold cement walls in that huge area, all empty.
someone told me that's a new rule, they cannot have posters.
is that really true?
is there a new study proving that it is BAD for the students?
dont misunderstand me, they were all like the cm and claytimes
posters, only pots and pots again... no naked potters, or
anything like that! i keep those to myself!
see you soon,

marta matray gloviczki