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don't envy me/nceca

updated wed 17 mar 04


Merrie Boerner on mon 15 mar 04

Easter candy is on the store shelf ...and in my mouth.....acne break out for
The jeans I wanted to fit in to are causing gas feet are
swollen.......I have craved pasta with garlic for a week, now....I could
untie the anchor and float to Indy.
With snow in the toes will freeze....maybe the boots would
be better than the heels.....
I'm going into pre-trip shock.......
Hoping the green beads and black t-shirts and hugs and laughs will pull me
out of this anxiety freak out !
Yall all stay at home and keep warm and snuggly with your loved ones and
pets......we will survive will be a challenge.....I will put
pictures up on a Fotki site on Sunday.
Hope to meet many more of you next year !!!!
Your Mississippi Queen,

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