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nceca attendee request

updated thu 18 mar 04


Maid O'Mud on wed 17 mar 04

I was hoping to scoot down to Indy on Saturday, but between the "lovely" =
weather; and the fact my godchildren are FINALLY free this weekend, I =
cannot drop in. (Drop in being a relative term - understand that we =
"dropped in" to the Columbus NCECA for a day...6+ hour drive each way).

Could one of you please purchase a synthetic elephant ear sponge for me =
(I think they are $7)?? I've used mine down to scrap, and would really =
love a new one. Just send me your snail-mail and I'll send you off a =

If you are in the US, send it USPS marked "GIFT" and it won't have a =
problem at the border.


Sam Cuttell
Maid O'Mud Pottery
RR 1
Melbourne, Ontario
N0L 1T0 =20
"First, the clay told me what to do.
Then, I told the clay what to do.
Now, we co-operate."
sam 1994