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finally... raku works with no breakage and great colors

updated fri 19 mar 04


Lakeside Pottery - Morty Bachar on thu 18 mar 04

Lakeside Pottery conducted a Raku workshop last Sunday with 16 participants
with 8 pots each using our newly designed propane kiln assembly and
uniquely designed reduction chambers with slightly different process ....
and it worked!! We used large and small pieces; they did not break and
came out with bright and wonderful effects. If interested to know
the "tricks", please e-mail or call Morty at 203-
323-2222. Or better yet, join us in the next Raku workshop on Sunday, May
16th, 2004 (or any future workshops).

Visit our website to see pictures.


Lakeside Pottery
543 Newfield Ave
Stamford, CT 06905