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long post - my own nceca 2004 experience

updated tue 23 mar 04


Janet Kaiser on mon 22 mar 04

>I called out to Albert, and he smiled and yelled back "Vince!"
>then he saw Sheri, and his jaw dropped open, because he realized
what an
>extraordinary coincidence this was, the three of us there
together at that
>moment. The clay world is like that, but this was still a
pretty amazing

Aaaaahhhhhhh... Vince! You just gave me goose-bumps!! I bet quite
a few others shared your warm and fuzzy feelings and sat with a
silly smile on their faces when they read that too...

Of course we all say stuff like "it's a small world" when these
sort of happy coincidences happen, but honest to God, this world
of ours is a pretty damn big place as anyone who has done any
serious walking, rowing, cycling, sailing or other means of
self-propulsion will know! There are also an awful lot of fellow
inhabitants... Over six billion (I believe you would call that
six trillion in the USA?) and growing fast...

So when the three paths of three individuals cross once in time
and space in a lifetime, it is already pretty "unique", but to
cross again, a second time in the self same life-time... Well it
is at times like this, I really would like to be a mathematician!
What would be the odds of it happening?

Anyhow, thank you very much for such a great NCECA 2004 report.
(Even though the 32oz steak was pretty gross!! That is more beef
than Eckhard and I would eat in a whole year!) Do you by any
chance have contact details for Sherinatu? We really need at
least one tile to represent Nigeria... Should really have 114 to
represent the country "proportionally" as originally intended
back in 1997. You know, one tile per million population...?


Janet Kaiser -- unable to see out of the windows all day, due to
the goodly amount of salt whipped up by the winds over the past
couple of days. At least the spume has stopped flying past! May
get a better night's sleep and then be ready to face the dentist
tomorrow... Ugh...!

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