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updated wed 24 mar 04


Connie Christensen on mon 22 mar 04

It's sounds as though NCECA was a very moving experience for many of you.

Speaking of moving. Number 24. Yes, it's move #24 counting house moves and
studio moves. I'm getting to old for this.

I moved my studio while the rest of you partied. But I now have a short 5
minute drive instead of the headache of rush hour on I-25 into Denver. The
gas kiln gets moved next Monday. In the meantime, I'm making pots like crazy
until the gas and electic kilns are running. Electrical work is being
inspected on Wednesday.

I'm at the Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild. It's a new environment, maybe new pots
will come out of it. My studio is smaller and no windows, (well it does have
a tiny window looking out to a hallway) but I save almost an hour a day in
drive time and it's starting to get comfortable and there is a wonderful
group of clay people there.

I'm envious of all those who posted about what a wonderful time they had - I
even have relatives there I could have visited. Next year. I'm definitely
going to go next year.

Connie Christensen
now in Arvada, CO

I guess I'd better get the contact info changed on the website. Moves cause
so many problems.

Liz Willoughby on mon 22 mar 04

Dear Claybuds,
I am in severe withdrawal. The first thing that I did when I got
home was get back on clayart. Then I had to go to the web-site and
read all of last week's posts.
What I want to say is this; for me it was one of the best NCECA
conferences. And it is not because of the lectures, tours, etc....,
but because of clayart. I especially want to thank Joyce for getting
us such a wonderful room, or rooms, as the mug exchange was in a
larger room. And Millie, thank you for sharing your slides with us.
It was wonderful seeing claybuds from the past, that I knew, but was
also wonderful meeting new claybuds. Next year, I hope to meet more,
and on it goes. Yes, a family of people with the same interests and
The mug exchange was organized differently and it worked very well.
There was time to gab, and ooh and ahh, I got Carla's tea bowl,
(love it Carla), and another coincidence, I had given her a tiny mug
that day, and then I got her tea bowl.
The first people that I saw after arriving, in the restaurant were
Mel and Kurt, and Ron and I joined them for lunch. Perfect. And it
was good to see Dannon again, she is o.k. folks, I was worried when
her posts stopped coming during the year. Last year Kurt and I had
decided to do a mug exchange, and we both remembered.
Had a girl's night in the bar one night (Carla, Nan) turned out to be
more than that, Malcolm Davis breezed in, sipping his bourban, I
introduced Russel (and Joyce earlier) to Rusty Nails, (that is a
drink folks), talked with a very nice young potter, Chris Powell, had
a wonderful discussion with Nan Coffin, & her husband Richard Burkett
turned up.
The NCECA Invitational Bus Tour was terrific. My favorite shows
were the Indiana wood-fired show, (I couldn't resist buying a teapot
by Laura Ross), and the show at the Indianapolis Arts Center. By the
end of the tour, my head was too full.
The Cone Box show was better than ever.
John Hesselberth's lecture and slide show was of course wonderful,
and even more so because there was a row of clayarters, all cheering
for him, and many had slides shown of their work. Thanks John.
Louis Katz, did a good job of explaining glaze calculation, but I
think I got lost in the oatmeal.
Kelly, I am going to have to pass on the balloon thing, I am already
as old as the hills, (just refuse to believe it), and I am terribly
afraid of heights.
But do I love to dance. Heck, I wish they would have a good band so
you could really dance. Maybe clayart should organize a GOOD dance.
Not complaining, but I like that old fashioned kind of dance. You
see, I am old. That is why I am not mentioning many names, it is
the nouns that go first!
Mel, love your book. Maureece! send me some images. Well, Maurice
introduced himself to me, and Canadians pronounce Maurice, like
Morris, so I didn't twig at first.
Meticky Liz, who has to get back to work soon.
Liz Willoughby
RR #1
2903 Shelter Valley Rd.
Grafton, Ontario
K0K 2G0