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updated wed 24 mar 04


sdr on tue 23 mar 04

I said:
> It hardly would need to be anything so formal. No doubt
> anyone feeling unsure could simply post the list and ASK
> someone to show them

She said:
already contains well-established friends.....It's intimidating, and it's

Of COURSE I understand how scary it is. I find it very difficult to
meet new people. In crowds I find it difficult to even meet OLD friends.
I am teased about it constantly. I blush easily,
and THAT's embarrassing, too. More teasing......but one gets over it.
Eventually. At least by the time NCECA is finished....and you'll find
that you have acquired new friends. And good ones.

I only said that it would be simple enough to post the list, say
you plan a first-time visit to NCECA, and want company/mentoring.
No doubt anyone saying so would get personal/private responses offering
help. I just don't think it needs to be some kind of formal put-someone-
in-charge thing.


Dannon Rhudy