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updated wed 24 mar 04


Susan Setley on tue 23 mar 04


In a message dated 3/23/04 5:53:25 PM, edylynn@DJTRAIN.COM writes:

> I also like the idea of WFU and a newbie sticker. If there are any like me=
> - too afraid to bother anyone=A0=A0 who seems to have an agenda- it might=20=
> us out and alert someone who might be willing to take us under wing. Or ma=
> put us in a group and the ones who have been there could take turns showin=
> us what we need to know. Just a thought....
> Edy Lynn, planning ahead, saving her pennies.

I feel MUCH better just knowing that there will be several of us in that sam=
"Who ARE all these people?" boat... :)

Maybe it's just as well I couldn't go this year -- like you, Edy, it was=20
pretty close, but it's a VERY expensive Spring (and too much travel in it al=
-- and just not in the cards, even for a day.

Maybe it's just as well, though, because I probably would have clung to=20
people I know from here and STILL worried next year. :)