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best ever nceca

updated wed 24 mar 04


Billie Mitchell on tue 23 mar 04

i returned home on sunday exausted.. this was the best nceca ever.. it was
all because of clayarters. we were everywhere. all you had to do was turn
around and you saw an old freind or met a new one. i wish that we could all
meet more than once a yr but i dont think this old body could take all the
i have found that at each nceca i learn the most not from the demos but
from talking to potters one on one. and theres not a better place than in
the clayart room.
i wont mention names as i would surely forget some.. but each and everyone
of you made my time in indy an awesome experience!
david h's idea for brown bags was wonderful. you not only got to spend time
with everyone there but you got to thank the person whos mug you got. i
hope that the brown bag continues on to next yr.

thanks to all clayarters to attended and made each of our experiences the
best ever.

billie mitchell