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i'm afraid to attend nceca and why.

updated wed 24 mar 04


Alyss Dorese on tue 23 mar 04

In response to William Sheppard
"and am not aggressive enough to walk right up to Mel like he was my friend just because I read his posts."

Bill, last year was the first time I attended NCECA. I'm so sorry I was not able to make this year's. But let me tell you what happens when you are a clayarter and are wear that orange dot: You don't have to go over to ANYONE. They come to you. And Mel, before he was svelte, would come over and give you a big bear hug and personally welcome you.

This is the friendliest group I have ever belonged to. The first night I got there, I feared that I would be eating my meals alone. Not so, everyone just hitches on to others, there is no cliques or closed circles there. If a group of clayarters are standing around in a circle, they open the circle and ask you to join in, never ignoring your presence.

I will make every effort to get to next year's NCECA and if I do, you can count on me to be your mentor. (for the first 5 minutes) You won't need me after that. So, I promise you that you will not feel isolated and that you will meet and enjoy this group. They are a blast. They are great craftsmen and when you get them away from their potter's wheels, they are a blast and know how to have a good time.

See you all next year.

Alyss Dorese