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memories of my 1st nceca........

updated wed 24 mar 04


Sandy Miller on tue 23 mar 04

WOW! the posters are up, new Scott Creek extruder installed, my bison =
tool ready to trim fresh pots, Merrie Boerners beautiful woodfired pot =
on the kitchen window sill so I can see it everyday, and my mind flooded =
with memories of great folks that happen to be potters. I think I =
walked around for three days trying to keep my chin from hitting the =
floor. Walking down the aisles of the exhibitors hall and have Paul =
Soldner walk by or John Gill or Mel Jacobson or on and on. I turned =
around in the Lark booth and smacked into James C. Watkins. The =
articles and books I have been reading for years, folks that have =
contributed to my work in one form or another actually in 3D. I found =
myself speechless too many times. I can't put into words my feeling at =
seeing John Hesselberth standing at the podium in the Grand Ballroom and =
seeing the place packed to standing room only for a 30 min. lecture on =
^6 oxidation. Being so glad it was dark when my slides came up on the =
screen and my eyes filled with tears so no could see me, thank you so =
much John. I hope the nceca board was present. To meet and put heads =
together with Linda Blossom, a kindred spirit. Vince, the voice of =
reason, Marta selling calendars, Russel, Carla, Paul, Tim. So many = many cups and pots......=20
Sandy Miller
already looking forward to Baltimore