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nceca baltimore-when??

updated fri 26 mar 04


Edy Lynn on tue 23 mar 04

Does anyone have the date of the week that NCECA will be in Baltimore. I =
need to put in for vacation time then and let my hubby know so he can =
do the same. If all goes well we could get o go. Hubby is more =
interested in Train spotting and I understand there is a museum or 2 of =
train things in Baltimore including one that lost it's roof to snow.=20
I wished I could have gone to INDY since it was only a couple hours away =
but money was too dear this year.=20
I also like the idea of WFU and a newbie sticker. If there are any like =
me - too afraid to bother anyone who seems to have an agenda- it might =
point us out and alert someone who might be willing to take us under =
wing. Or maybe put us in a group and the ones who have been there could =
take turns showing us what we need to know. Just a thought....
Edy Lynn, planning ahead, saving her pennies.

william schran on thu 25 mar 04

Edy wrote:>Does anyone have the date of the week that NCECA will be
in Baltimore<

Here's the web link: