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updated wed 24 mar 04


sdr on tue 23 mar 04

Sort of short, at least. I have only just returned to
Indiana, so NCECA was a bit different for me. It
was good to see a LOT of solid work from Indiana
clay folks. First chance I've had to see any, all my
time has been used up doing stuff - and I ain't sleeping

I drove in a couple days, stayed there a couple days -
it all worked out. Like everyone else, I had a series
of five minute conversations with old friends - each of
whom I could happily have spent the whole time with.
Sneaked into the K-12 show before it was quite open,
and enjoyed that, too. Went to some lectures (John
Hesselberth's was good, and Louis's; I enjoyed the content
if not the presentation of the Bio-ceramics lecture, too).

The demos were, ummmm, well - a bit odd, some of them.
I knew the work of all the presenters, though, and have seen
it for some time off and on. A couple had made major changes,
and that held an interest of it's own.

Aside from all that, I got to laugh a lot, and walk a lot (sorry
about the snow, folks - I enjoyed it, myself, but I've not been
getting much winter until this year. And I had a coat......). A
beautiful carbon-trap shino on the cup I got at the Clayart
exchange, thanks, Ms. Uttal.

Worked in the garden yesterday, potatoes planted, seedlings
started for some other stuff, now back to the studio and glad
of it.


Dannon Rhudy