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afeared to go to nceca

updated thu 25 mar 04


Allyson May on wed 24 mar 04

I was very intimidated by the thought of going to the Clayart room. I =
am relatively new to clay, a new semi-lurker on Clayart and a virgin =
NCECA attendee (I am also terminally shy). I do not know anyone on =
Clayart personally and didn't even know if I would see anyone I knew at =
the conference. I didn't let any of that stop me! I just jumped right =
in with both feet! I met people in the Clayart room who were friendly =
and willing to welcome a newbie. Mel was one of the first people to =
walk up to me and introduce himself and make me feel welcome. THANKS =
Mel! Joyce seemed to always be present with her lovely warm smile that =
would make anyone feel at home. Thanks for the dot Joyce! While =
waiting for the mug exchange I was pulled into a group by Feriz Delkic =
who though I looked too alone. He found out what a newbie I was and =
proceeded to point out the people he knew. Thanks Feriz, you are a =
prince! My two cents worth: Don't worry about Baltimore. Just jump =
out there and have some fun. Taylor is right, "Ain't nothin but a =
Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, Indiana