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afraid to attend nceca - why not get into it with a vital project?

updated thu 25 mar 04


Lee Burningham (Box Elder High School) on wed 24 mar 04


I think I have a very good option for those of you in the Baltimore
area, or just arriving early, wanting to get involved in something to do
with NCECA activities and get right into the thick of things.

The national k-12 ceramics exhibition, held at the NCECA conference, has
grown to a size needing more hands for packing and unpacking than are
usually available. You are already interested in the subject matter.
Well-trained in the handling and fondling of pots. Enjoy discussing all
aspects of pottery construction, glazing, firing, and presentation.

Want to join a pot show party next year and lend a hand or two to the
setting up and packing up of the national k-12 show? Let me know if any
of you would be interested. I guarantee front row seats to one of the
best pottery shows you will see at the Baltimore NCECA.

Yes, I admit to a certain bias.

Lee Burningham