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listen up those fearful of nceca.

updated thu 25 mar 04


Sandy Miller on wed 24 mar 04

The Acers, Nceca debate. When I recieved the nceca=20
information in the mail welcoming me to my first time
gathering I was shocked to see the title, Science &
Alchemey and then I read the titles. So when I hear Acers
is more technical than nceca, I shutter. I thought why am
I going to this, this is sooooo over my head. Totally
blew me off course but I wanted to go and meet folks and=20
touch tools and talk to clay suppliers etc. I got so much=20
information on firing kilns and running studios off methane,
truly "green" ceramics. The Artstream, what a concept! =20
I think I fondled every tool in every aisle & looked at every book
even though I can't read very well ( Mel, any chance you
might have a book on tape on day for the truly dyslexic?)
I bought several how to books with pictures. I talked as much=20
about gardening as I did about pots. So if you are sitting at
home thinking about Baltimore and wondering what would
I do confronted by 4,000 potters, get off your butt and start
putting your pennies aside for next year. I am in my studio
playing with the new tools I purchased, dancing around in=20
my free t-shirts and surrounded by beautiful posters of pots
and great memories of new & old friends.
I did get the Soldner poster and gotta tell ya, put it up and=20
lived with it for two days and thought why do I want to see
a naked old man standing on a claymixer when I have=20
posters of voluptous, sexy, can't keep your hands off pots?
So Paul has been shrouded, taken down and put on the=20
book shelf. Sorry guys, nothing there I want to wrap my=20
hands around! =20
Sandy Miller=20
My daughter brought this t shirt home from college:
If you can walk you can dance
If you can talk you can sing
if you make pots you can go to nceca