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updated tue 22 mar 05


Rachel Campbell on wed 24 mar 04

OK, I was just sitting here reading clayart and feeling really really
bummed at always missing out on NCECA, when someone mentioned that next
year NCECA is in Baltimore. Whoo boy, that just gave me a new lease on
life, well at least on pottery! I'm a mom of 4 little ones throwing pots
in my basement for my sanity (primalmommy is my hero!!!) and would never be
able to justify traveling halfway across the country, but 30 minutes north
is doable! (My husband received a semi-incoherent call at work, and
already promised I could go -- just to shut me up, probably, but I'm
holding him to it.)

I usually lurk here quietly, but I had to emote to SOMEONE who could
remotely appreciate it. I'm SOOO totally psyched! OK, I'll shut up and go
back to lurking now. See ya next year!

--Rachel Campbell (mom to 4, ages 2,4,6&8, part-time tech writer, and
obsessive midnight potter)

Billie Mitchell on mon 21 mar 05

i have been to all ncecas but one sense denver.. cant remember how many that is. i too have been disappointed in what nceca has to offer in part. but i would like to say that nceca is whatever you make of it. i always find things to learn from. it might be in a demo or discussion or just a talk with another potter taking a rest. i have found that i learn more from the demos at the commercial area that any other area at nceca. but the most you can learn from is in the clayart room. where else you can sit down one and one and learn. everyone has something to contribute no matter how much experience they have had. so if you are disappointed in whats going on at nceca just go to the clayart room and learn or bond with other potters.
i live by what i say.. life is what you make of it. so is nceca. its what you make of it. go search out and you will find what you might not have thought you were looking for. the one thing that is my high point of all ncecas is the clayart room as is with everyone. we all have bonded and are there for each other. everyone there is connected like no one else. what other medium has what we have.. i can think of none. so go to nceca and just like life it is what you make of it...

billie mitchell