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studio walls

updated thu 25 mar 04


Sarah House on wed 24 mar 04

Hello to all, I've been off Clayart for a while, but after a day spent in
the archives I couldn't stay away any longer. And what a great week to sign
back up. I'm already plotting how to get to Baltimore.

For my question, In the past week I've decided to move which is exciting in
itself, but even better: I get to design a new studio from scratch with
terrific financial support (loans) from the family.

My main question for now revolves around interior walls. What works well for
you? I've been living with plastic over insulation for a long time and I'm
looking forward to something flat and smooth. The building will be set into
the ground and at least the back half will be block, but for the front...?
How about drywall with a gloss paint and possiblly something more waterproof
near the floor?

Sarah House

in Little Switzerland, NC
soon to be in Celo, NC

Milla Miller on wed 24 mar 04

Dear Sarah,

Bathroom drywall is green and has the potential to resist moisture if the
seams are finished to specifications and the thicker version has more
fireproof quality due to the plaster thickness.Profesionally installed drywall of the
3/4'' type over standard stud spacing is my preference.The semi gloss enamel
or high gloss either would make cleanup easier.I use those, double row, wall
shelf runners vertically with stout screws intended for use with them and the
double sided folded style with hooks for the double parallel voids in the
vertical system to put shelves of 3/4 plywood with a vertical at each stud for
stout support.These units are very commonly available and very servicable.The
verticals come in various lengths as do the supports.I use overkill for

I had 3/4" plywood and concrete block in mine but that was dictated by
special circumstances.