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nceca virginal fears

updated fri 26 mar 04


Darnie Sizemore on thu 25 mar 04

Well as I hear, well actually read about everyone's experiences of NCECA. I thought I might add a one of my own.

This was my first one. All of the excitement and fear was there. I am an outgoing wall flower, I know an oxymoron. I am very outgoing, but have a stifling fear of introducing myself to people I only know by names. So as the conference started, I was overwhelmed with information, great ceramic art and the urge to buy every tool that I saw! As I was walking around the exhibitors room, there was the holy light from above shining down on Mel's name tag. As I looked up, there I saw Mel Jacobson.... He was speaking with someone else. (Internally struggling with what do I say, do I say anything, what do I do?) So finally my courage kicked in and I asked this man,"Are you the Mel Jacobson from clayart?" (Internally thinking, oh my God it is not him and I am going to be totally embarrassed.) He smiled and said,"Yes I am and who are you?" I introduced myself, and received this orange sticker on my name tag. Forever, or at least for this year, marking me as part of this group. My fears subsided
and from that moment on during the conference, I was a part of something bigger than me. And I can say that I met THE Mel Jacobson! :)

NCECA was one of the most incredible experiences for my art and for me. Thank you to those that I met, and for those I did not, I will try to be more outgoing next year.

Darnie Sizemore

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