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old slip

updated fri 26 mar 04


Elaine Ray on thu 25 mar 04

Hi - just found of bag of pre-mixed slip that I purchased probably about =
4 years ago. It is now a thickness similar to pudding (no dried out or =
stiff parts). Do I need to do anything other than add water and mix =
well to make it usable again? I'll be firing in an electric kiln to ^ 6 =
if that matters. =20

Thanks for all the great tips I have already picked up from Clayart and =
thanks in advance for any advice about this. =20

Elaine Ray

sdr on thu 25 mar 04

Old slip is the BEST. It "stands" better, and
holds it's form. You might test it a bit before
you thin it much. You'll get great effects from
this old stuff - slip ages well.


Dannon Rhudy