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updated sun 28 mar 04


mel jacobson on sat 27 mar 04

my favorite of all time:
nceca program, 800 people in the audience.
guy steps to the mike.
`i hate these microphones`.
he turns it away and down.
no one can hear him.

they shout...`hey, we can't hear you`.

he says.
`i hate mikes`.
everyone got up and left.
his slides were gray and upside down.

that gives nceca a bad image.
they should do something about it.
but, alas. it is not pc to tell folks that their
program was horseshit.

knit one, pearl two.

it is their show, it is their program,
no one will ask us to fix it.
often there are gems, and of course no program
director can control the presenter. they do the best
they can.

but, every time a clayarter has done a program
at nceca it has been well done, well received.

tool doctor with vince and david h. was the best
program ever done at nceca. of course it was
dropped. john h. gave a dynamite program this year.
of course. what would we expect?

but, i can tell everyone, that when you sat down
at la crosse, had a program in front of you.
it was superb. our folks were ready, prepared, and
they gave their presentation at least three times in two
days. there is a way to do it. it is called be prepared
and expectation. nice concept. (and our teachers did not get paid.)
if i asked vince, david h. tony c. kurt, john or ron,
joyce lee, dannon, karen terpstra, snail, kelly and on and on.
would you get a well prepared program?
you bet your ass.

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