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clayart-only mug exchange

updated mon 29 mar 04


L. P. Skeen on sun 28 mar 04

I was thinking that it is probably possible for mel-san or somebody at =
ACERS to print out a list of clayart subscribers, OR it could be saved =
as an excel file that could be used on a laptop. It will probably come =
out alphabetically by email address. That list could be used as a means =
to 'check in' mugs as they arrive for the exchange. Then the tickets =
could be given to the participant at check-in time instead of at =
exchange time (might save some time that way too). If yer name's not on =
the list, you don't get to play.

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery, Summerfield, NC
"There are three kinds of men. The ones who learn by reading, and the =
few who learn by observation. The rest of them have
to pee on the electric fence."------- Will Rogers (att.)