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who should be allowed to particpate in the clayart mug

updated tue 30 mar 04


Kenneth J. Nowicki on sun 28 mar 04


Personally, I don't agree with Dale on this one. I feel the "Clayart mug
exchange" should be left for those currently subscribed to Clayart... period. I
don't mean to sound exclusionary or anything... or God forbid... "snooty"...
cause that is not my intention at all. However, I feel if we don't nip this thing
in the bud right now I could see this thing getting completely "out of
control" down the road in future exchanges. I can certainly see why NCECA attendees
(who are not subscribers to the Clayart list) might want to "get in" on the
mug exchange... one look at the quality of the mugs sitting there on the table
in the Clayart room pretty much says it all... and my sympathies to all those
non-Clayarters attending who might feel "left out"... however... the "Clayart
mug exchange" began right here on this list... and should remain for those that
subscribe to the list. If others want to go start another type of "mug
exchange" with other NCECA attendees... then so be it... let them do it... on their
own... but lets not let things get completely out of control with mobs of
people all showing up in Friday night trying to get in on the action at the last
minute just because they see some mugs they covet on the table in the Clayart
room... this could really become more and more difficult for the Mugettes to
pull off if everyone is allowed to start exchanging mugs in the Clayart Room...
whether they are Clayart members or not. I also don't think it is fair to the
wonderful people that sponsor us... folks like ACers (and possibly others)...
that stick their neck out for us each year by getting us a room at NCECA for
our activities.

Just my 2 cents.

Best wishes,


Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY
In a message dated 03/27/04, (Dale Tex) dneese@SATX.RR.COM wrote:

Yes, if you put in a mug or clay object, then you should be allowed to
participate in the exchange whether you are on ClayArt or not. Must receive


L. P. Skeen on mon 29 mar 04


I have three responses to this.
First one is, (and I already said,) I agree with Ken.

Second one is, BECAUSE of the Clayart room, now I can hear Ken in my head
when I read what he writes. ;)

Third one is, (further down where he says basically, "Let 'em start their
own") - I brought extra mugs with me in my backpack to trade with others.
Brian Haviland did, too. At my first NCECA in Charlotte, SOMEBODY from this
list whose name I do NOT remember, was doing a lot of shino testing, and
gave me one of his pieces (was it Hank? I can't remember.) There's trading
to be done if you bring extras, and you don't have to be on CLayart, or a
part of the official mug exchange, to do it. :)

Lisa in NC, where I just laid hands on my very own copy of the "O Brother
Where Art Thou" soundtrack for the first time. Regardless of your religious
persuasion, musical preference, or lack thereof; if you hear this CD all you
can say is, "Damn, what fine har mo nyyyy!"

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From: "Kenneth J. Nowicki"

> Personally, I don't agree with Dale on this one. I feel the "Clayart mug
exchange" should be left for those currently subscribed to Clayart...

Culling on mon 29 mar 04


The mug exchange for me is an identifier and a tie- we read and respond to
mail from people we don't know, when NCECA happens those of us who stay home
swap mugs and possibly a pic of ourselves and some info (BIG thanks to
Chris )-and the people at NCECA meet and swap - the nicest form of
networking I've heard of!! Even if you never direct contact again there is
another intimate link formed in the chain - or is it web!!!:) I'd like to be
there one day and if I can I'd like a CLAYART mug thanks not a ring-in!!! I
know I make my mug for my CLAYART'er with the warm fuzzy of being able to
give something to someone with an indisputable "connection" and hang out at
the post office til mine arrives -postie insists on the unveiling on the
spot by the way -everyone is interested in seeing pots from far away!!!:) a
small community here too!
I guess when something works so well word gets out - be a pity if it lost
it's meaning!! would like to see more picks of the claythings at NCECA tho -
like the stay at home pages would be nice!!! (Big grin- I know there are
only so many hours in a day!)

> Personally, I don't agree with Dale on this one. I feel the "Clayart mug
> exchange" should be left for those currently subscribed to Clayart...