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mug exchange/last comment from me

updated tue 30 mar 04


Joyce Lee on mon 29 mar 04

Dawn said:
If they gave something to get something, in some
respect I think it was fair. Not everyone knows about clayart. I =
discovered it
my accident and have stayed ever since.
True, Dawn, in a limited way. And your opinion
is clearly to be respected as a claybud. BUT
....... you knew there'd be a BUT, right?........
not if there was a certain amount of deceit
involved on the part of the clayarter who helped
someone who was not a member "work" the
system to his advantage........... and to the
distinct disadvantage of the claybud who might
have received the pot that made the non-
clayarter so "pumped." =20

I have never placed blame on the person who
participated though it was not his privilege to
do so. I place heavy blame on the gentleman
(gentlemen) who abetted him in winning
something that was not his to win ....... for
the second year in a row.... the gentleman
who was gleeful that Michael was "pumped"
and I was "torqued" and he was "happy."

Due to a range of reasons, I did not have a
representation of my own best work (which is
all any of us can hope to offer) to exchange,
so I did not enter, of course. I suppose I
could have taken one of the many mugs sitting on
my shelves ...... but it's "understood" that we
take the best that we individually can produce
at that time in our lives, and my mugs were all
leftovers/seconds which were made
some 15 months ago.... and belong in my
Ugly Pot Spot. ( Mugs many years
old would be gladly received from some of you.....
it's not the age....... it's the condition of which
I speak.) It would have been
unfair for me to receive somebody else's best
work. Though the example is not the same,
it is derived from a sense of ethics..... and
needn't be "explained" to most of us ..... but
apparently such explanation is needed for
the gentleman who helped Michael break the
understood rules.

I do not dislike the above gentleman; I don't
even know him. Maybe some of you do and
think well of him. If so, he probably deserves
your friendly feelings ........ but not your sanction,
in this specific situation. Not because he
made a mistake ..... of course, not....... but
because of his attitude. I'm not sure that
he understands that, but I'm sure some of you do.

Life is good ....... but can be tough. We have to
make choices......... and often must live by
those choices. I do not choose to have any
misunderstanding that I in any way think such
undermining action is okay. =20

As to the Mug Exchange itself....... it was
those who worked to make it successful could
have hoped for. Camaraderie reigned ...... lots
of laughter.... joking..... affection...... appreciation
for one another's work ..... for signs of
growth from the year before this one.=20

I recall vividly
the year Dannon picked up my shino mug, showed it
to David and Mel, and all three spoke approvingly
of the "growth" I'd demonstrated from the previous
year. I was very proud and felt my attitude switch
from being half ashamed to put it on the table, to
thinking I was happy that Lori L. had drawn it.

I would like to not lose the good feelings generated
in each of us by such experiences. I love the
muguettes and the chairpersons....... I'm pretty sure
they wouldn't work quite as enthusiastically=20
if the whole
deal was open to all of NCECA........ or is it
that we are
to include only our own select few friends.....
those we think might be "pumped"....... and
ignore all the others who wandered though....
hundreds..... enviously wanting to know how you get
into the exchange...... and just what is Clayart?
We hope soon to see some of them, at least, on
the list.

As I stated, I am not upset in any way with
Michael. He's not a clayarter. He didn't know
better..... or if he did, it's not our job to
educate him ...... except to tell him to join
the list next time. It's the Gleeful One that
continues to perturb me. I hope that in
time I'll be proven
wrong in my judgment of him ......=20

In the Mojave