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mugs and clayart room

updated tue 30 mar 04


Liz Willoughby on mon 29 mar 04

what a bummer, I haven't got any chest hairs.
Meticky Liz

> it will check chest hairs for
>identity. each person entering the room will have to open their
>shirts, or pull up their sweat shirt. place your chest against the
>scanner, count to 65, recite the lords prayer (or a buddhist chant of
>choice) and then clap your hands together three times and say...
>`clayart is cool` bingo, no intruders.
>mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa

Maurice Weitman on mon 29 mar 04

At 8:29 -0500 on 3/29/04, Liz Willoughby wrote:
>what a bummer, I haven't got any chest hairs.

Send me your snail address, Liz, and I'll send you a few.

They're also good for decorating really REALLY tiny raku pots, too!

Would you prefer white, grey, or uhhh dark grey.

If my memory weren't going down the tubes, I'd have vivid
remembrances of a few reddish chestal hairs I used to have, too.
Shoulda kept a few. Who knew?


Penelope on mon 29 mar 04

----- Original Message -----

> what a bummer, I haven't got any chest hairs.
> Meticky Liz

Neither do I but I gots other things and I think da Mayor is after seeing
those - what do you think? A sly way to check out the "ladies"???
That was my first thought when I read his post - but then my mind often
resides in the gutter!! Afterall most of my friends are in there =o)

Penni Stoddart
in (finally) warm london ontario where the gutters are full of rain water
and grit and salt washed off the roads (as well as me and my friends!)