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updated tue 30 mar 04


Phil Smith on mon 29 mar 04

Hi Folks,
At the 03 San Diego Conference I was new to Clay Art and had did not bring
a mug. Definitely did not feel a part of.
This year I made it a point to produce something someone might want to
drink from. Which, for me, was a challenge because my previous attempts at
mug making have been weak at best.
I made one mug that I really liked. The kinda pot that is worth much more
as a gift.
It end up in the hands of a youngster/non-Clayarter.
At first I was a bit miffed by the thought that I had made this object,
dried it, fired it, protected it, dragged it across the country, only to
have it end up in the hands of someone who, I thought, really could'nt care
less. Felt sorta anti-climactic.
Pretty silly huh? It's only a mug.
I owe much of what I have learned to this list.
I guess it goes a little deeper than merely exchanging objects.
BTW the youngster was "Stoked" :^)