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the clayart mug exchange

updated tue 30 mar 04


David Hendley on sun 28 mar 04

Here's my take on the Mug Exchange:

1. Of course it is only for Clayart members. I honestly don't know
why anyone who is not on Clayart would want to be involved with it.

2. No, we are not going to have a printout of Clayart subscribers to see
who is eligible to participate. Unfortunately, a poster with the rules for
exchange did not get done as planned this year. The idea was to have
a poster stating the rules for all to see - hopefully it will get done next
If a non-Clayart subscriber wants to disregard the rules and try to get in
on it, well, so be it. I'm not inclined to grill everyone I don't know to
see if
they are, indeed, Clayart subscribers. We would probably make the
already-scared NCECA virgin wallflowers, who laid out their fears last
week, break down in tears. I certainly wouldn't make a mountain of
extra work just because the possibility that a nefarious non-Clayarter
might try to infiltrate the system.

3. The whole reason we tried a new system this year was to make the mug
exchange more personal and more fun, as well as to keep people honest. Even
though the ticket is not really necessary, it does keep someone from picking
up a mug without putting one in the exchange, and it makes it obvious if
someone tries to enter more than one mug. A more personal system also
discourages non-Clayart people from trying to participate.
The idea is simple. You have to be there, at the right time, to participate.
One person - one mug. Simple. Cut and dried. No getting an extra for a
friend who couldn't be there. No entering 2 or 3 mugs, in hopes of getting
a star-quality mug.
I was lax this year. I allowed a couple of people to go through twice. I
allowed the young students to go through, even though I was pretty sure
they were not on Clayart. I allowed a couple of people to bag their friend's
mugs. It was a transition year. Next year I would stick to the rules with
no exceptions.

The Mug Exchange had gotten too big, took too long to do, and resulted
in scores of people who never found out who got their mug, or never
met the maker of their mug. The new system was improvement on all
counts, and I think the comments of the last few days show that most
everyone agrees.

David Hendley