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water whistles now traditional toys

updated tue 30 mar 04


Wood Jeanne on mon 29 mar 04

Hi Everyone,

--- Judith Frederick
> Why wouldn't you do this testing at the leather
> hard state. That is when I thought you were
> supposed to test the regular ones.

I was concerned about the water changing the inside of
the unfired whistle, but concensus on this list is
that it shouldn't make that much I'll
find out today.

In answer to your other question, water whistles
consist of a globe part, and an attached spout shape,
cut with a thin mouth hole and an angle cut hole. Said
spout fits into the water-filled globe, and when it's
blown into makes a pretty warble-whistle sound.

Water whistles are a tradional toy often shaped like a
bird. Originally made of clay, then also made of
metal, in recent history made of plastic. But when I
went to several toy stores to find a plastic model all
the clerks looked at me with blank eyes. Water
whistles must be way out of fashion. So they might be
amazing and new toys to the Malibu Barbie, digital
Pokemon crowd.

I wonder how many traditional ceramic items went
through/are going through the same process? Handmade
clay, to metal, then plastic, out of fashion, then
handmade clay again by potters?
Best Wishes,
Jeanne W.

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