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belated thoughts on nceca/clayart

updated wed 31 mar 04


Clayhannie@AOL.COM on tue 30 mar 04

Clayarters put the icing on the cake for this year's NCECA. I finally got
over my lurking/wallflower syndrome first thing with a wonderful visit with
Joyce Lee and Russell Fouts (I think I got the first chocolate) and others too
numerous to mention.
Putting faces with e-mail names and seeing former workshop presenters was a
real joy.
Electric Kiln Firing was a great presentation. Thanks, John for posting the
information. Thanks to those who do all the extras to make us all fit it. The
slide forum, the sandwiches, the T-shirts, the mug exchange, Mel's greetings
and on and on.
I also met David McBeth and am the delighted owner of one of his beautiful
porcelain pieces. I think they grow in his pocket.
I'm already looking forward to next year and I'm still decompressing from
this one.

Martha Griffith
Aurora, IL
Teacher, The Fine Line
St. Charles, IL