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help ! we need potters to travel and teach in belize

updated thu 1 apr 04


Billie Mitchell on wed 31 mar 04

for those of you who dont know i went to belize to teach pottery and start
a ceramics program to help the village to a better way of life. i
desperately need potters to go and teach at indian church artist center
this summer to follow up and keep going what we started. going there was
the most awesome experience of my entire life. anyone who goes there would
agree with me. you can get airfares pretty cheap through the internet..
most are $300 to $500 roundtrip.. then you have the expense of taking a
puddle jumper from belize city to indian church village. this can vary on
prices but if you contact the airline ahead of time and tell them what you
are doing they will cut you a discount. the cost of staying at the village
is cheap.. i pd $75 for a room for 2 weeks. some rooms are cheaper and some
more expensive with meals included. i even brought some of my own food with
me. they have small grocery stores in their homes where you can pick up a
few things that you might need.. including cold cokes.. well for the most
part they are cold.. you learn who keeps them cold and who doesnt.. the
people of indian church are freindly and hard working. they are proud of
what the have and of their families. they are the most talented group of
people i have ever encountered. they watch and learn so quickly that it
blows you away. with this experience i made some life long freinds, and i
hope that some of you will go and make new friends and learn about a
culture that is amazing. there are maya ruins right next to the village
that you can take time off and visit.
if you are interested please contact me privately @

billie mitchell