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mug tom buck

updated thu 1 apr 04


Angela Davis on wed 31 mar 04

I never got to see Tom Buck's mug, I really regret not spending
more time in the clayart room. But it was my first time and I was ga-ga
to take in as much as I could. If you could post a picture, or send it
directly to
me at it would be much appreciated.

You see Tom drew my mug! I was so excited you would have thought I
was meeting Mel Gibson! What a love Tom is, I was throughly charmed.
As luck would have it
I had used his Cream Breaking Red over MC6 varigated blue, told me he had
never seen that combination before. I think it's yummy. And if you read
this Tom,
thanks so much for the kind words.

Angela Davis

"Have joy in everything you make."

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Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 12:45 PM
Subject: Mug exchange

> Here is my feedback. I thought the mug exchange procedure went very well
> the most part. I like the idea of tickets for exchange, and the blind
> drawing with the pieces in a bag. Being in the long line in the hall, I
felt it
> moved quickly and smoothly. After reading some of the other feedback, I
> there are bound to be a few glitches, but considering the number involved,
> bad. A poster explaining the event (mostly to benefit "outsiders" ) would
> helpful.
> Special thanks to David and Cheryl and all the helpers who made it a go.
> My only complaint is that I never made connection with Tom Buck, whose mug
> received. I was wanting to meet him anyway.
> By the way, my entry was probably not my "best," but it was typical of
> things coming out of the last kiln.
> Martha Griffith
> Aurora, IL
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