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my mug exchange, martha griffith

updated thu 1 apr 04


=?iso-8859-1?q?Marilu=20Tejero?= on wed 31 mar 04

Dear Martha, I could not find either the maker of my clay entry, as you call it, but I persevered and looked high and low and finally I was rewarded by meeting you, seating in the bar next to Gail Jones, a dear friend I made at NCECA 2000 in Denver. It was lovely to meet you.. and strange things happened later...mmmm should I tell you?

Well. I was approached by a Clayarter who begged me to have your clay entry. She insisted, cajoled, twisted my arm, finally demanded.
I resisted and resisted, but she said that her little grand-daughter in Israel asked her for a piggy bank... I said Bacia.. I can't, this is mine, besides, there is a quarter inside...!!! I'll pay you, she insisted...!! But my grandchild must have it. !!! Well, so much zeal and love for that child, what could I do? So by now Martha, your piggy bank is in a kibutz in Israel, making a child very happy.
Ok, Bacia, I said, but please you take a robe vessel for Ababi. Fine, she said, but you can't end up without your mug exchange. Wait. Moments later she came down with the mug she got in the exchange, from one of the Gentlemen of King Mel's Court.
I bought his glazes book, got his mug and I'm absolutelly thrilled and so should be everybody else.
The "mugguettes" were superb and so hard working. Thank you all so much.

Clayhannie@AOL.COM wrote:
Here is my feedback. I thought the mug exchange procedure went very well for
the most part. I like the idea of tickets for exchange, and the blind
drawing with the pieces in a bag. Being in the long line in the hall, I felt it
moved quickly and smoothly. After reading some of the other feedback, I guess
there are bound to be a few glitches, but considering the number involved, not
bad. A poster explaining the event (mostly to benefit "outsiders" ) would be
Special thanks to David and Cheryl and all the helpers who made it a go.
My only complaint is that I never made connection with Tom Buck, whose mug I
received. I was wanting to meet him anyway.
By the way, my entry was probably not my "best," but it was typical of
things coming out of the last kiln.

Martha Griffith
Aurora, IL

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